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Must Be Crazy

I love my big sis, really I do, but sometimes she does remind me of that earworm song. If you're going to ask for my advice but not listen to it, mind skipping to the ignoring and don't call me part? I'm pretty sure I didn't have to drive all the way to the north end of the city so you could complain about your boyfriend. Again. If I was to be cheeky around Dom, this would have been when I pulled out my Coach planner and started penciling her in for weekly bitch sessions about him.

Personally, it's her life, I don't care. I'm only caring because she keeps unloading onto me and in the last three months I think I've thought more about her relationship than my own with Alex. You know something is up when you think more about someone else's relationship than the one you're living in. Shipping doesn't count. But see, this is Dom. She was well-named in that she likes to dominated everything. Jay, Levi and I pretty much just let her be. Most of the time, she just runs her course and we're good. She's a problem-solver.

New Stuff, New Start

Work has finally lighten up since I switched locations. I don't think I could have gotten a more convenient work location. It's the downstairs of my building. Alex and I had been looking for a condo for some time and we found one downtown. It ended up being in the building I was working in. Not sure how my supervisor feels about it but she can't complain having someone easier to call in. To be fair, I was transferred to that building first, then we got the building and as luck would have it, I was offered a permanent position at that location when Alex and I signed the paperwork and the condo became ours. I still have my other part-time job but this makes things easier. It is one less thing to have to worry about commutes to.

We moved in at the beginning of the month. It took that long to get rid of stuff we no longer used (Alex) and no longer needed (moi). I heavily edited out my wardrobe. As a result, all my clothes fit into the closets of the bedroom and my purses have their own space in the coat closet. I thank Alex for the hooks he installed for my three Coach Lindseys. The condo is one bedroom with a very nice kitchen (the reason it took us so long was because Alex wanted counter space), plenty of windows for natural light and a cute little French balcony. I had my original sight for a regular balcony but the last three weeks have convinced me otherwise.

So that's been plenty of new changes in my life already for 2013. Then I found this little gem today:

Happy New Year! You heard it here first...Suze and the gang will be back in a new full length book (Number 7) sometime soon.
A little older, a little wiser, and a whole lot sexier! (Well, maybe not that much sexier. Jesse is still an old-fashioned boy.)

That just reminded me of how long ago it has been since I had updated this LiveJournal as well as Ghost Moon, my Mediator/Blood and Chocolate crossover. I will probably wait till book seven comes out before I work on it again as well as Death's Journey, a Bloodlines/Mediator crossover. Meanwhile I can concentrate on Blood Ties, a Vampire Academy/Lost Girl crossover. Yes I am obsessed with the crossovers but really can't help it when some things just fall into place. I have plot worked out and a few beginning pages. I just need to figure out when I want to set the story since I haven't watched Lost Girl for a while.

Last but least, there's going to be a new royal baby, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's! I can't wait!

Royal Wedding

Royal engagement.

Last Sacrifice book review.

Lost Girl.

Valentines day graphite Lindsey and clutch.



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